Quick, Inexpensive Grooming Table Transformation

by Joyce Johanson

I am so excited about my recent "invention" that I just have to share it with all of you.

A little background: I've always procrastinated when it came to trimming feet and the sides of my show dogs' coats. For one thing, I'm not very good at it and always feared a catastrophe. For another, I've not liked bending over and/or "walking" around the grooming table on my knees just to get a better look or a better angle at what I'm doing. Now that I am "getting on in years" and my knees and back are frequently protesting, the prospect of trimming feet and coat is even less palatable.

PVC pipe to the rescue!

I popped the rubber feet off my grooming table legs and measured the width of one of the legs-slightly less than an inch.

A visit to the hardware store yielded a 10' foot length of 1" PVC pipe and 4 end caps that fit the pipe width.

At home, my husband cut four 2' pieces of the pipe, used his grinder to smooth the ends, and capped each pipe with an end cap for added sturdiness.

We tipped my grooming table on its side, removed the rubber feet from its legs, slid the PVC pipe over the legs, turned the table upright again, and TA-DA! I now have a table that is a little over a foot taller than it was before, the transformation taking less than 90 seconds!

The result? Much less bending and no more crawling on my knees to get a good view of what I am doing. Scissoring becomes a much easier task. (Although I admit, I am still not very good at doing it, even after all these years!) When I finish my trimming task, the PVC pipe extensions are removed, the rubber feet are replaced on the grooming table legs, and the table is back to its original height.

10' PVC pipe and 4 end caps - $7.88

Benefits to my health and attitude - priceless!!

Grooming table with PVC pipe extensions

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