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Training for Grooming

Establish A Grooming Pattern

Coat Change in Lhasa Apso Puppies

Coat Care Reminders

Removing Mats

Simple Steps to Removing Mats

Advice on Bathing Your Lhasa

Keeping the Eyefall from Falling into the Eyes

Tools and Procedures for Trimming Hair Around the Eyes

Caring for Your Lhasa's Ears

Fancy Feet

The Important Part

Keep It Clean: The Key to A Long Healthy Show Coat

Preparing for A Show: The Finishing Touches -- Tips on Trimming Pads, Feet, and Coat

Handling Classes: A Great Place to Practice

What Makes a Puppy a "Show Puppy"?

Don't Expect Too Much Too Soon

Lhasa Apsos and Children

Considerations for the Evaluation of Lhasa Puppies

General Information About Lhasas

How Can You Give Them Up?

Breeder Perceptions of Male vs. Female Personalities

So You Want Another Lhasa!

Confusion About Color

Lhasa Apso Color Choices

The Benefits of An Exercise Pen

Lhasa Apso Popularity

Yes, I Learned It In Kindergarten

A Standard Quiz

Choosing a Reputable Breeder

Quick, Inexpensive Grooming Table Transformation

When is a Championship not Really a Championship? Buyers Beware!

A Shopping List: Things That Come in Handy for Showing A Lhasa and/or Raising a Pet

Ethical Practices: Providing AKC Registration Paperwork

Helpful Guide for Breeders: Claudia Orlandi's ABC's of Dog Breeding

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