Ch. Joyslyn's Highly Classified

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Meet Duncan, better known to AKC as "Ch.Joyslyn's Highly Classified."

Here is Duncan at age 8 weeks.
Lhasa puppy

Duncan at 3.5 months, practicing to be a show dog.
Lhasa puppy


Duncan at age 9 months.
Lhasa apso age 9 mo

Duncan proved to be another big winner for us. By 10 months old he'd earned both majors, going into the new year needing only two points to finish.

Here's a photo of him when he turned a year old on January 23, 2014.
lhasa apso

Many exhibitors and judges remarked on Duncan's color. They'd ask, "What do you call that color?" I would just reply, "I call it beautiful and unique." It was indeed eye-catching.

Duncan won the last point he needed for his championship on Mother's Day, when he was 15 months old. It was a nice Mother's Day present!

Here's Duncan at age 18 months.
lhasa apso

Meet Duncan's Parents:
Left: Duncan's sire, Ch. Takashi's Codename Zebra (Zorro). Right: Duncan's Dam, Ch. Joyslyn's Midnight Enchantment (Raven).
black and white particolor Lhasa black lhasa apso face

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