Joyslyn's Lhasa Apsos
Pictures and Pedigrees

Below are links to pedigrees and pictures of our Lhasas in recent years. Click the dog's name to view his/her pedigree. Clicking the "See picture of" line will take you to each dog's individual picture page.

Just a quick guide to some of the abbreviations found on pedigrees.
A "Ch." in front of a dog's name means he/she has earned an AKC championship.
A "GCH" means he/she has earned a Grand Championship. Those dogs who continue to compete in Best of Breed classes after they have earned a Grand Championship may garner more points toward various levels of the Grand Championship title.
A letter (i.e., B,S, G, or P) after the "GCH" indicates either Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinium Grand Championship level.
A "BIS" means "Best in Show" and a "BISS" means "Best in Specialty Show." "BIS-OH" means "Best in Show - Owner Handled."
An "ROM" behind a dog's name means the dog has earned a "Register of Merit" award from the American Lhasa Apso Club. To be eligible for an ROM, a female must produce at least 3 champion offspring and a male at least 5 champion offspring.

We hope you enjoy looking at our Lhasas' pictures and pedigrees!

GCh. Ch. Joyslyn's Heartbreaker, ROM
Call Name: Breaker
See pictures of Breaker

NOHS-BIS NOHSG GCHB CH Joyslyn MLS Dakota Wind Breaker ROM
Call Name: Josh
See pictures of Josh

Ch. Joyslyn's Moon Shadows
Call Name: Chance
See pictures of Chance

Ch. Joyslyn's Heart Song
Call Name: Kimmi
See pictures of Kimmi

Ch. Joyslyn's No Regrets
Call Name: Greta
See pictures of Greta

Ch. Joyslyn's Onyx
Call Name: Onyx
See pictures of Onyx

Ch. Joyslyn's Moonlight Beckons
Call Name: Bekka
See pictures of Bekka

BISS GCH CH. Joyslyn's Wind Song
Call Name: Autumn
See pictures of Autumn

See a scrapbook of Joyslyn's Lhasas from 1973 to more recent times.

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