Ch.Joyslyn Winds of Fire

Ch. Joyslyn Winds of Fire ("Flame")

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Our lovely red Flame finished her championship when she was 12 months old with back-to-back majors. She was a joy to show and is a joy to live with. She has a sweet, lively personality with just a touch of mischief to make her an amusing companion. From the day she was born, she was THE ONE! Here are pictures of her as she grew.

Flame 7 weeks old Flame at 12 weeks old
Above: Flame at 7 weeks old and again at 12 weeks old.

Above: Flame at 7 months and again at 12 months.

Flame 7 months Flame 12 months
Above: Flame at 7 months and again at 12 months, just a few days after earning her championship. See how that coat grew in 5 months!

Note: Thanks, Courtney, for adopting Flame and giving her a great new home and family!

Meet Flame's parents:

Sire: Ch. Joyslyn MiToya Wind Walker and Dam: Ch. Joyslyn Secrets of the Heart

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