Ch. Karlyn Joyslyn Who's The Fairest

New Champion Mira! This photo of Mira was taken the day she earned her championship, age 19 months, at the Belle-City Kennel Club show in Belleville, IL.
Black Lhasa Apso

We invite you to enjoy pictures of Mira as she grew up!

Here is Mira at age 3 months, shortly after she came to live with us.
Black Lhasa puppy

Here she is again, at 10 months.

black Lhasa Apso

A picture of her face, age 10 months
Black Lhasa

Here's Mira the day she won her first major, at age 11 months.

Mira, age 14 months, taking it easy and looking beautiful. Who's the Fairest? Why Mira, of course! Just ask her!
black Lhasa apso

Meet Mira's parents:
black and white particolor Lhasa black Lhasa
Sire: Ch. Takashi's Codename Zebra and Dam: Ch. Joy's Karlyn Kiss My Ashley

Mira's Pedigree

Special thanks to Mira's breeders, Karen Schlais (Karlyn Lhasa Apsos) and Jan Graunke (Golden Tu Lhasa Apsos)!

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