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Information About Tear Staining and How to Correct It

Light colored Lhasas, like individuals of many other breeds, often have problems with tear stains. I have provided links to pages where you can find some methods others have used to correct the problem. Suggestions include everything from giving antibiotics, to using bottled water, to adding apple cider vinegar to water, to concocting homemade remedies, and to purchasing commercial remedies.

Tear Staining vs Internet Myths provides information that you may find interesting and educational.

Check out what Maltese owners do to alleviate tear stains in their breed. Go to Maltese Only and scroll down the left side of the page until you see "Tear Stain Articles." You'll see links to articles and information about the problem. I found this to be a very helpful and interesting page. I haven't had much problem with excessive tear staining, but when one of our girls had a white puppy. I was caught totally unprepared. This information helped me a lot!

A helpful article from the folks at Bulldogsworld.com that contains information about preventing tear staining is Tear Stain Causes and Removal Options Again, the information is applicable to Lhasas.

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