Is the Lhasa Apso the Breed for You?

As much as I love them, I know that not everyone appreciates a Lhasa Apso. Here's a brief checklist which may help you decide if a Lhasa Apso is the breed for you.

Lhasas are indoor dogs. They like to play outside but they should live inside with their families.

Lhasas bark. They are not nervous, yappy barkers, but they have great hearing and like to bark at noises, even if no one else can hear them.

Most, but not all, Lhasas like children. (Sort of like most, but not all, people.) Teach the kids to respect the dog's rights and you'll have no problems. If you have rotten kids, don't buy them a Lhasa, or any dog.

Lhasas are intelligent, independent, and sometimes stubborn. They do not respond well to anger. Training is most successful if it is approached as a game. Lhasas like lots of praise and doggy treats. For more information about the Lhasa Apso personality, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Lhasas require a lot of grooming. If you don't have time to groom or don't want to groom, then buy a short-haired breed or plan to keep your Lhasa's hair cut. Visit our Grooming Tips page to learn more about grooming your Lhasa Apso.

Life is better when you have a lhasa to love you.

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