Links to Web Sites Containing Information about Behavior, Socialization, and Training

If you have a new puppy and you are wondering about housetraining and socialization, or if you have an older dog that is displaying some behavior problems, these links to articles about behavior, socialization, and training will perhaps give you some helpful suggestions. These articles contain great information. Some of the sites have links to other sites with similar information. (But after you finishing exploring, be sure to come back to the Joyslyn's site. It's packed full of information to help you and your Lhasa Apso).

Angel Days and Devil Days: Teaching Bite Inhibition to Puppies
by Vicki DeGray (Note from Joyce: This article is one that I highly recommend to all my puppy buyers.)

It Takes A Pack to Raise A Puppy
by Suzanne Clothier (Note from Joyce: I thoroughly enjoyed this article and recommend it to anyone who is buying a puppy. Clothier is an excellent writer as well as an expert dog trainer. In this article she provides insight into puppy behavior and expectations (yes, puppies expect certain behavior from us, their pack leaders!) and offers great suggestions to help people raise well-behaved puppies. A must read!!!!)

Who's in Charge Here? A Lesson in Becoming Alpha
by Vicki Rodenberg DeGray (Note from Joyce: Read this article if you are planning to buy a Lhasa. Lhasa Apsos look for leadership and if you do not provide it, they will decide to become the pack leader. After all, someone has to do it!! If you don't want a tyrant on your hands, learn how to provide the leadership your Lhasa needs. This article will help.)

Canine Behavior
" much as many of us want to believe that dogs are just people with four legs and fur, they aren't. Dogs are so much more...Remember, you are two different species and as the more intelligent of the two (generally speaking), YOU must communicate on his level, not vice versa."

He Just Wants to Say "Hi!"
by Suzanne Clothier (Note from Joyce: A really good article (pdf format) about understanding a dog's interpretation of rudeness. Read it and think!!)

Other Training Articles
by Suzanne Clothier

Housebreaking Your Puppy
by Marty Smith, DVM and Race Foster, DVM

Critical Periods of Canine Socialization
by Gary L. Clemons, DVM

How Dogs Think: A Non-Verbal Link to Canine Communication
by William E. Campbell

Housetraining Your Lhasa Apso
by Vickie Kuhlmann. (Note from Joyce: This is a great article written specifically about the Lhasa Apso, covering both puppies and adult Lhasas.)

How To Love Your Dog: A Kid's Guide to Dog Care

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