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Lhasa Apsos, as well as many other breeds, are prone to an eye problem commonly referred to as "cherry eye." Below are links to a few sites that may help you better understand the problem and what can be done to correct it. However, be aware that you will find conflicting opinions about causes and treatments. For example, one article hints that the cause is genetic, while others list breeds that are "prone" to the problem. Cherry eye is not a congenital problem, that is, it is not present at birth. The articles point to a weakness that, evidentally brought on by some irritation, causes the gland to "pop up" from its rightful place.

Most articles give information about two forms of treatment. The vets seem to prefer "tacking" the gland down, although they admit it tends to pop back up in most cases. Breeders seem to go for the "cut it out so I don't have to pay for you to tack it down again" point of view. If the information you find here is not helpful, then conduct a search as I did. The key words "cherry eye" will generate quite a few sites.

Cherry Eye

Cherry Eye in Dogs

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