Just Who Is Joyce Johanson?

Hi! I am the "Joyce" half of Joyslyn's Lhasa Apsos. There is more to my life than the Lhasas. For example:

I am married to Lynn (the other half of Joyslyn's Lhasa Apsos!). We have been married since 1972. We have three children and four grandchildren. In addition to the Lhasas, we have a Russian Blue cat named Boris. Lynn is a playwright and novelist. You can read more about his plays on his website.

My undergraduate degree from Wayne State College was in English and Communication (Theatre). My Masters Degree (in Educational Administration) is from Western Illinois University.

I taught English for 16 years at Aquinas High School in David City, Nebraska. (If any of my former students see this, please send me e-mail!) Then, in 1989, my husband accepted a position in the Theatre Department at Western Illinois University, so we moved to Macomb.

For 17 years I taught an English class one night a week at Spoon River College in Macomb, Illinois.

I am a Chi Omega! I was initiated into Chi Omega (Alpha Theta Chapter) at Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska. (Any Alpha Thetas or Chi O's from other chapters who see this are welcome to send e-mail!).From 1990 through 2006 I enjoyed my advisory positions with the Gamma Kappa chapter of Chi Omega at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinios. I was the New Member Advisor from 1990 - 2000, Social and Financial Advisor from 1998 - 2000, and Personnel Advisor from 2000-2006. I also served for 3 years on Chi Omega's National Advisor Training Team. Find out more about Chi Omega.

I am now retired from a great job I had as Associate Director of The Center for Best Practices in Early Childhoood (formerly Macomb Projects) at Western Illinois University. We had about 25 staff members who conducted interesting work in early childhood. Several projects, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, focused on assistive technology for young children with disabilities. We had a model development project in science, math, and social studies; research projects related to literacy and technology; an outreach project focusing on the expressive arts; two online professional development sites; and a research project on a comprehensive technology system. We did research on the effectiveness of computers and other devices and also developed products (e.g., videos, curricula, software). Our state-funded early childhood projects focused on technical assistance for teachers and families of children ages 3 - 5, as well as credentialing and enrolling early intervention providers who provide services to Illinois children.

You've probably already read about my work with the American Lhasa Apso Club.I was pleased to be honored with ALAC's first Member of the Year award in October 2010. I received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

There's more, of course, but this is enough.

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