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Thanks for your interest in a Joyslyn's Lhasa!

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! Our new litter has arrived. Males and females available. All puppies are black.

Also Available: 9 month neutered male puppy. Black. This guy is a lap dog. Although he likes his walks, his favorite activity seems to be sitting in a recliner with a favorite person and watching TV! For more information call or email us.

If you would like to be put on our list for the current litter or a future litter, please email us joyslynslhasas@outlook.com or call 309-837-1665 for more information.

Our Lhasas are AKC registered, and we expect people who buy our puppies to register them with the AKC before they are 9 months old and to sign an agreement confirming they will do so.
If you are not interested in registering your puppy with AKC, please do not contact us.
Puppies sold to pet homes are expected to be spayed/neutered and buyers must sign an agreement confirming they will do so.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for information about making a deposit and purchasing a Joyslyn's puppy.

Please be advised: We do not ship our puppies.

We also invite you to visit our blog. Once puppies are born, pictures of them will be posted there weekly.
Pet puppy price, either sex, is currently $900 plus Illinois sales tax (9% in our county)..

If you are interested in purchasing a retired champion, we also keep a waiting list. We will have a gold female available in the fall.

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Joyslyn's Lhasa Apsos
Joyce and Lynn Johanson
Phone: (309) 837-1665