Stories and Testimonials from People Who Have Purchased Lhasas from Joyslyn's Lhasa Apsos

Life is better when you have a lhasa to love you.

Dear Lynn and Joyce:
I am very sad to let you know that Joyslyn's Khala Goldilocks is no longer with us. It seems like yesterday when I picked her up at the airport in Chicago. She spent her first five years with me, and when I moved and was no longer able to keep her, my Mom adopted her, and since she has no "human" grandkids, Goldie instantly became her baby. She spent the last ten years as my Mom's loyal companion and they loved each other very much. It is true what they say about transfer of loyalty. After a few weeks there was no denying that Mom was her Master, although she always received me with a wagging tail and lots of kisses, Mom was the one she followed around.

My Mom passed away on Valentine's day from cancer, and Goldie, although she was very old (could barely see and had trouble walking) stayed by her bedside until the end. I think she knew that Mom was sick. When Mom was up and about, Goldie followed her everywhere and when she was bedridden, Goldie would stay next to her bed. They had a very strong bond.

I am so grateful that Goldie gave us all such happy memories these past fifteen and a half years. She had the largest toy and bow collection I have ever seen, personalized beds in every room, Goldie was spoiled! Everyone should know about your Lhasas' wonderful personality. Thank you again for our dear baby.

I would love to send some stories and pictures of the dogs. I'm always ready to talk about my "easy children".

Pickett (age 14) was supposed to be Matt's dog, but he chose me to be his "person". I have to explain to my son that the reason Pickett is my favorite is because he needs me and worries about me when I am not around. Someday when Andrew is a busy parent, he will understand why a dog's adoration is the closest thing you get to unconditional love. Pickett got a metal plate in one of his back legs two years ago after an injury. I think the specialty vet hospital is much fancier than our people doctors. However, the operation went well and he is doing well. He does not run like he used to, but he is able to walk and get around independently. It is really strange now to see how calm he is and realize that he is aging. He was such an energetic and rambunctious puppy. He stayed that way for quite some time. I think it was the additional responsibility of notifying us of a crying baby when the kids were born that started to age him. He now sleeps a lot - like the male lion he resembles - and snores quite loudly. I read your article about male v. female dogs and totally agree. Pickett is my first male dog, and I agree that the males are very sweet. Now that I have had a male, I don't know why I preferred a female before. He is definitely the more protective of the two dogs. He only recently retired from chief of security in the household. Chary is an adjective that I would use to describe him. Newer acquaintances often mistake his reserve for being afraid of strangers.

I remember your statement that Belle (14) would not put up with anything from crazy puppy Pickett. She took control of the dog kingdom in our household in about two weeks and has not relinquished control since. Belle is very independent, likes being a lap dog, and expects everyone to wait on her. She is very dainty. Basically, Confetti with black hair. At the same time she is very tough and has a warrior spirit. She has grayed a little, but still maintains most of her black hair. She prefers to have a bow in her hair. It sounds silly, but I swear she does feels prettier when she gets a bow in her topknot. The hair got shorter with each human baby, but we found a good groomer for them. Whereas Pickett chose his person, Belle prefers to hedge her bets and sit on whatever lap is available. If she did have a special person, it was probably my father-in-law. I am convinced that Belle is the one who sees the spirits of the people from our lives who have passed away. Now she seems to prefer Katie - she's probably hoping for some discarded hair accessories. When the dogs were younger, they used to spend quite a bit of time running around our house doing battle. The battle usually ended with Belle swinging her butt into Pickett's face to disarm him; this was effective since he has always been a pretty boy and does not like his face getting messed up. However, Belle tends to be the neat dog. She can come back from the same walk spotless while Pickett found the mud. Despite the very different personalities, they are peas and carrots to each other.


Hi Joyce and Lynn.
In a nutshell, Davy has proven to be one of the best, if not the best, dogs I have ever had -- don't let Pogo know I said that! He loves to play with the dozens and dozens of plush toys he has...Davy has many little endearing habits, two of which are worth noting. Any little odd noise will cause him to cock his head...Davy also likes to stretch out his hind legs when he is lying down. I call him Davy Johanson because I've had absolutely nothing to do wtih brnging about all his wonderful traits. His wonderful demeanor and likeable traits are the results of your efforts...Getting an older dog was the perfect solution for me, and I think Davy is happy and content to be with me.

Hi Joyce,
Tomorrow you should be receiving a photograph of the charcoal and pastel portrait of the 'delightful Miss Iz' Donna Krzsek does a great job capturing the essence of the dog. Izzy loved posing for the portrait.

We have agility equipment in the backyard (for Odie-he is the serious dog) and the girls love jumping and weaving for food. Izzy is always happy. In the morning it is her job to tell us if it is going to be a great day. Everyday is a great day according to her!

She is such a special dog. She spent one day at an art fair with me this fall and was the hit of the show. She sat in the chair waiting to be admired. Everyone still calls her princess for the silly things she does. She has little jokes she likes to play on us. She runs to us and stops before we can pet her. She will do this about 10 times before the game is over. She is a delightful little girl and we appreciate how wonderful you raised her.

We got Namri*, our 8 year old Lhasa, at 3.5 months old. I was worried as I had never had a dog before and wanted to be a responsible "mom". On the 2 hour drive home there was not a peep out of Namri. When I took him to the vet for the first time he thought he was wonderful and had an amazing temperment. He has always been kind of an "old soul". He looks deep into your eyes and you know he's reading your mind. Also very calm and not demanding. Often sits on the back of the sofa behind us, but rarely demands attention. Before I took him home the first time, I stopped to introduce him to my just 2 year old triplet nephews to see how he'd do. No problem, and there never has been. When they sleep over he'll stay in the room they're sleeping in to guard them. He's very intelligent (figured out how to roll the driver's window down on a rental car I had in about 30 seconds--this was something he always does on our Passat wagon, and it was in a different place in the rental) and beautiful. (*Joyce's note: Namri was sired by a Joyslyn's dog. His mom was a CA girl!)

About 3 years ago we got "Dalai" (1/6/06), another boy, from Joyce. Joyce was wonderful helping me pick him over the phone. He came by plane from Illinois and jumped right out of the crate and into my arms. He was not traumatized at all. Dalai is a real snugglepuss and is great fun to have around. Very enthusiastic and doesn't take no for an answer from his older brother when he wants to play. We trained him right away to ride in his Sherpa Bag in the car and you never hear a peep out of him, even when it's a long drive. One time he spent the night at my girlfriend's house in it without complaint. Dalai is also extremely fast and would make a great dog for the agility course (if I weren't so lazy). Also when he was a puppy the groomer said he was so cute she wanted me to enter him in a "cuteist" puppy contest (enter my laziness again). We made an effort to socialize both dogs well and they both love people and other dogs.

In summation, my husband and I adore our Lhasas and can't imagine being without them. They're the loves of our lives. As I say (only half kidding), I might be without a man someday, but never without a dog. What a joy.

Jim and Renee

Hi Joyce,
It's been a long time - almost 5 years - since we got our dog from you, and I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much we love her. She's a joy, a wonderful companion and all girl! We call her Honey. She's a soft cream color now with dark muzzle and dark tipped ears. We keep her coat about medium length and of course she hates to be brushed but tolerates it. We now have 2 grandchildren - she loves them but is cautious because of the "hair pulling". I just wanted to drop a line and let you know we love her and are so glad to have her.
- Cindy and Honey

Hi Joyce.
I just wanted to let you know how Beemer is doing. That little tail of his just wags about 90 miles per hour. He has such a friendly and outgoing personality and he is friendly with everyone, even new people who he has never met. I know that is somewhat unLhasa like, but it is the cutest thing to see. He has an amazing coat. It is so full that it parts down the back naturally. He is beginning to lighten up a little. He has a lot of tan coming in underneath, with a fair amount of red also coming in, along with all of the black tipping. I have to admit that I can't quite figure out what he will finally look like, but whatever he comes out looking like it will be stunning. He is just a joy to have. He just wins over everyone he meets with his instantly friendly personality and that tail that never stops waging.
-Richard and Beemer

Hi Joyce,
It is very near the one year anniversary date for me and Piper so I thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that we are a very happy family.

She is an amazing little dog and has fit my lifestyle perfectly. It has been a joy to watch her "grow up" as a single dog. She now has the freedom of the house. Actually she now "owns" the house. I don't have to close the crate door anymore. She comes and goes as she pleases and makes "decisions" about where she wants to sleep, when she wants to eat and what she wants to play with. (This will amaze you but some days she even skips breakfast! – but she has however developed an addiction to her bite of liver sausage after going potty outside.) By the way, we do a combination of outside and piddle pads. When it rains she refuses to go out and I must admit I've become a little spoiled with the pads so I don't have to take her out late at night or worry if I'm a little late from work. But even more amazing, she never misses!

She usually stays in the same room with me. I've been amazed by her fixation with TV! She will watch for the longest time and is sometimes annoyed when I turn TV off. I get wonderful greetings when I get home from work. She is full of energy since she has slept all day and spends the evenings squeaking toys, watching TV and laying beside my chair. The only "naughty" things she likes to do is steal pillows, blankets and my knee high hosiery. (And of course I let her get away with it because it really is cute!) She loves it when family company comes over but is most excited when my neighbor (her Auntie Vicki) comes over. She gazes out of the patio door waiting for her Auntie Vicki.

I love her a lot and am so very happy to have her. I read your blog about "giving up" your adult dogs and I am so grateful that you raise these wonderful Lhasas...

Gail and Piper

Dear Joyce and Lynn,
I looked for months to find the perfect, most responsible Lhasa breeder and I'm thankful every time I look at Wrigley that I found you! I really appreciated the time you took to talk to me about the breed and make sure that Wrigley was going to be safe and happy with me. I also thought it was really neat that I got to meet Hannah and Walker, Wrigley's parents.

Even after two years, my family often tells me 'you've sure got a great dog there, I hope you appreciate him" and I do!! Wriggs is such a cutie and has a wonderful personality. He thinks he's so independent - he even tosses his toys around and plays fetch by himself! - but he's never 'being independent' more than ten feet away! He's always happy to see me when I come home and loves to snuggle at night. Another thing you will hardly believe is that he waits for us to eat together. I put his food down once in the morning and once when I get home from work; he will literally wait for me to pour my cereal (or cook my dinner) and sit down at the table before he touches his food! I think it is so cute! What a gentleman.

I made sure he was around lots of different people as a puppy, and today he is so great with my baby niece; she can tug on his fur all she wants and he just tries to run away, never bites or growls. This trait was really important to me, and I think he has such a gentle demeanor because you are such a careful breeder. I took him to puppy training classes when he was about 12 weeks, and he was quick to pick things up. I have to laugh at the times he chooses not to obey a command. He looks at me like "yeah, right - where's my treat, and I'll think about it!" It is that stubborn intelligence that I love so much in Lhasas.

Thanks for keeping in touch over the years to see how Wriggs is doing, but mostly thank you for introducing me to such a great dog and wonderful companion.
Emily and Wrigley

Lhasas are my chosen breed - [my male Lhasa and] Maya [a Joyslyn's Lhasa] are the fifth and sixth Lhasas so far over my lifetime. But I have never, ever had such a sweet dog as Maya! She loves everyone immediately (it's really un-Lhasa-like but wonderful). She actually cries to go see children, and I can totally trust her with them. She wants to greet everyone and is surprised when the occasional person doesn't show any interest in her. She also is smart. We have been through beginner and intermediate dog training classes, and both times she was the best dog in the class. Her last class was 14 lb. Maya, a collie, and 4 Doberman Pinschers, but she was not intimidated and she outshone them all. She's learned 10 tricks, most of which she picked up in a single session. She even came up with a trick herself-she helps me take my socks off. I don't recall how it got started but now I loosen the toe of the sock and she pulls it off for me. She can be anywhere in the house but when I ask if she is going to help me with my socks, she comes running.
Betsy and Maya

My sons decided they would like to have a small dog. It was important to me to go through a good breeder who knows her dogs and I really preferred an older dog. I had met a Lhasa once and just thought they were an adorable breed. After reading more about them, and liking what I learned about their personalities, I started looking for breeders. I located Joyce through the internet and after various conversations felt comfortable with her as a breeder to go meet one of her adoptable adults. Working with Joyce and adopting our little Tess has been my best experience with a pet to date. My 8 year old son will not go to sleep without Tess in the room, and she is the first pet that my 10 year old has truly bonded with. She is the most sweet, adorable, lovable and huggable little thing! Everyone who meets her falls in love and especially small children who always want to pet her. Tess always accommodates the little ones and is very gentle around them. This past summer, we stood by as Tess helped keep a toddler in line on the patio, gently staying beside him watching over him and herding him as best she could.

But this absolutely lovable little creature is also QUEEN of the house and thinks nothing of diving off of the couch, growling and chomping, to calm our Doberman down if she thinks he's being too rowdy in her space! Tess fits my needs by being small enough to cuddle, but not needy and demanding attention 24/7. She's usually happy laying somewhere close (or in any nearby pile of clothes), but when she needs attention, she will find one of us and crawl up into our laps where we happily oblige. My husband, who was at first reticent about a third dog, is, after one year, completely wrapped around Tess' little paw. He has become totally devoted to this little furball and has sworn off all other breeds than the Lhasa from now on - something we both agree on - and that we will never be without a Lhasa Joyce, someday we'll be calling again! :)
Robin and Tess

We live in the busy city of Chicago so there are always lots of people out and about at any given time of the day. The hard part about walking around in the city hasn't been due to the number of people on the street, but because we literally can't go more than ten feet without being stopped by someone who wants to pet or stand and admire our Lhasa, Telly. It's gotten to the point where Telly expects the attention from every passing individual and if there happens to be someone who doesn't fawn over him, he sits on the sidewalk, turns his head around, and watches in disbelief as the person walks on (while giving the adorable confused puppy face). This rarely happens though as most people can't resist his fluffy coat and friendly personality. We truly couldn't be happier with Telly and we are so blessed to have gotten him from such a caring, responsible breeder. The Johansons really know the Lhasa Apso breed and are incredibly helpful in answering any questions a person may have. Not only did we go home with a puppy one summer afternoon, but a gift bag filled with toys, treats, and a Lhasa information book all provided by the Johansons to help us with our new addition. We truly cannot say enough about the joy and laughter Telly has brought into our lives and we would highly recommend the Johanson family in a second for anyone looking for a Lhasa Apso in their home.
Mike, Alexis & Telly

Abby is the next best thing to children and grandchildren! We purchased her 6 Christmases ago, and she is just the cutest, best natured Lhasa we have ever come across. Our groomer Vicki says she is the star, and she can't believe how well behaved she is when we bring her in. She has never been to the Vet except for her yearly check-ups, and when we haven take her, she has always gotten a clean bill of health. We are so glad we came across your website, and so glad we contacted the AKC for a recommendation. It was definitely worth the 4 hour drive up and back to get her. Abby is a graduate of Puppy School, and all she learned was to "trade." She trades any little leaf, piece of paper, or piece of string she finds for a treat. Life just would not be complete without her. The only thing Abby lacks is courage. She is a real wuss!
Dennis and Marilyn

After the loss of our sixteen year old Lhasa, "Barney" in the fall of 2004, my husband and I began looking for a good breeder from whom to purchase a puppy to fill the empty spot in our lives. Even though Joyce was in another state (we live in Rochester, New York), she was highly recommended to us by a respected Lhasa breeder in our area. Our experience in working with Joyce in acquiring a new puppy could not have been more wonderful. She had a litter of puppies that had been born on Halloween and sent us email pictures of the puppies at frequent intervals. This helped us get through the twelve week wait until the puppies would be ready to go and also helped us in the selection process when I traveled to Illinois to choose one of the puppies in January. During that trip, Joyce not only assisted me in making my lodging arrangements, but treated me like a member of her own family. The only hard part was choosing just one of several impossibly cute puppies to take back home. During that process I had the benefit of unhurried time with the puppies at play and also time to observe and interact with their mother and the father. This was very reassuring since we wanted a puppy with a good disposition. I chose "Buzz," whose wonderful disposition was evident from the start in his uncomplaining trip back to Rochester on United Airlines in a sherpa carrier. We couldn't ask for a friendlier, more beautiful Lhasa. He is also a cuddler and never misses an opportunity to be in your lap. We unqualifiedly recommend Joyce if you want a breeder who pays attention to all aspects of quality in a Lhasa Apso - not just looks, but also temperament and health.
Sherry and "Buzz"

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